Various Gears Of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Various Gears Of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Various Gears Of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Gears are purchasable in-game items, which can be bought at any stage of the game. With the help of gears, heroes can acquire new abilities, improve their health, and become stronger. The gears are broadly divided into five; namely Attack Gear, Magic Gear, Defense Gear, Movement Gear, and Jungle Gear.

Attack Gear:

These gears can increase the physical attacking capability of the hero. Some examples of Attack Gear are:

  • Vampire Mallet: Cost 400.Tier I.
  • Legion Sword: Cost 910. Tier II.
  • Fury Hammer: Cost 1230. Tier II.
  • Scarlet Phantom: Cost 2120. Tier III.

Magic Gear:

The Magic Gear provides Magic power to the hero; thus, increasing the damage caused. It can even enhance the spell’s capabilities. Some examples of Magic Gear are:

  • Power Crystal: Cost: 220. Tier I
  • Magic Wand: Cost: 820. Tier II.
  • Concentrated Energy: Cost: 2120. Tier III.

Defense Gear:

The Defense Gear will enable you to withstand more damage before dying. Some of its examples are:

  • Vitality Crystal: Cost 300. Tier I.
  • Silence Robe: Cost 1020. Tier II.
  • Immortality: Cost 2120. Tier III.

Movement Gear:

If you want your gaming hero to move faster, then you should acquire the Movement Gear. These gears have unique properties, and some of its examples are mentioned below:

  • Boots: Cost: 250. Tier I.
  • Magic Shoes: Cost: 710.Tier II.
  • Rapid Boots: Cost: 630. Tier III.

Jungle Gear:

The Jungle Gear enhances your skills to kill the jungle monsters. With these gears, you will be able to cause extra damage to them. So, if you want to beat the levels quickly by destroying the monsters, then you should use these gears.

  • Hunter’s Knife: Cost: 250. Tier I.
  • Curse Sword: Cost: 760. Tier II.
  • Beast Killer: Cost: 1825. Tier III.

So, make use of these various gears and inflict more damage to your opponents.

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