Heroes Of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Heroes Of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Heroes Of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Check out some of the amazing heroes of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game as well as their special abilities. With these abilities, the heroes are able to smash the opponents and win the battles:


He is a Hero from the Fighter Class, so you should use him in close quarters. He is highly effective against Heroes as well as Minions. With his amazing skills, he will be able to cause high damage to the opponents. With each attack, he gets his health back, which is a wonderful ability! His Whirling Smash ability will help in slashing at enemies in an area and dealing 230 physical damage.


Fanny belongs to the Assassin type and she is perfect to be used for close quarters combat. She is a great charge character with super offense skills. However, getting a hang of her will take time but once you get the knack of it, she will be a great Hero for your game. Her Prey Marker skill can cause a lot of damage to the opponents. Her Tornado Strike can deal 260 physical damage to the opponents that are in close vicinity.


The first hero that you will get as a default in the beginning of the game is Layla. She is from the Marksman Class, so is perfect for attacking turrets. You can make her fight even in close quarters and she will be perfectly fine! Her innumerable skills can cause decent damage to the opponents and are mostly of long ranges. In situations when you want to cause heavy damage to the enemies, you should make use of her Destruction Rush skill.


Karina belongs to the Mage class and has a special ability of Combo Hit. After hitting a target twice in a row, the third attack will cause extra damage to the opponent and the enemy will lose 10% of his HP. She has a unique ability to enter a state of Elusiveness. With this ability she becomes immune to basic attacks for 3 seconds. Also, her speed enhances by 35% for those 3 seconds. Her Shadow Rush ability will enable her to run rapidly towards a target while dealing 430 magic damage.


He is a very durable hero and can deal with damage in spite of absorbing attacks from the enemies. He is a tank and a fighter at the same time. If you understand his abilities well and play him accurately, then he can become a non-destroyable hero. His Bloodthirst ability is perfect for clashes and controlling crowds. Once all enemies and minions are killed, the health will regain automatically. If you lack HP, then you should kill some minions so that you regain HP instantly. Make use of his Soul Lock ability while escaping or chasing an opponent. The Cyclone Sweep ability can hit multiple enemies at a time.


He belongs to the Fighter Class and has the ability to stun the opponents when they are hit by the Spear of Alpha. His Rotary Impact ability launches slash forwards, which causes 275 points of physical damage to the opponents. Also, it lowers their speed by 70% for two seconds. As soon as the light wave launches, Beta will strafe the enemy and cause 145 points of physical damage.


Harley belongs to the Mage Class and he knows the essence of magic very well. With his Magic Master ability, he can cause extra magical damage to the opponents. By using the Poker Trick ability, he can shoot multiple rounds of cards, which will cause magical damage to the first enemy that is hit. As soon as an opponent is hit, Harley’s speed to attack will enhance up to 8 times, which will last for 3 seconds.


The Sun is an extraordinary Hero and he belongs to the Fighter class. By making use of his Summons Monkey ability, he commands a doppelganger after every five attacks. Once the attacks are completed, the level of the doppelganger will upgrade and there will be an increase in his stats. The Golden Cudgel Strike ability can be used for smashing forward and causing 220 points of physical damage. The Clone Technique summons two clones and increases the speed of attack as well as HP.


Lolita is a powerful hero and she belongs to the Tank class. Her Noumenon Energy Core ability will help in storing up energy so that her allies stay shielded from the opponents. The Protective Shield ability helps in raising a shield, which blocks all ranged projectiles thrown by the enemies that are flying towards the shield. Her Energy Rocket ability can cast a powerful rocket, which can deal 190 magic damage and regain energy as soon as it hits the enemies. It also causes the enemy to slow down by 50% for 1.5 seconds.


Gord was born in a magic world, and he belongs to the Mage class. You can use his Mystic Favor ability to attack the same target four times within a short span of time. The ability even allows dealing extra 10 magical damage. The Mystic Projectile ability can throw a magic bomb on the opponents. It deals 420 Magic Damage and lowers the speed movement to 60, which lasts for 2 seconds. It can even deal up to 30 extra damage to enemies in the middle of the battlefield and stun them for some time. Make use of his Mystic Injunction and Mystic Gush abilities too for destroying the enemies.

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